Ponca City Aquatic and Family Center — YMCA



Ponca City Aquatic and Family Center — YMCA


South-West View of the Ponca City Aquatic and Family Center — YMCA


Progress Continues at YMCA
News Staff Writer

Progress continues on the Ponca City Aquatic and Family Center — YMCA, City Commissioner Craig Stephenson reported Tuesday.

Stephenson told Ponca City’s Board of Commissioners that earthwork on the ball field areas continue and should be completed this month.

Work on storm sewers and site drainage is complete, except for ball field drains which have to wait on earthwork, Stephenson said.

Asphalt paving work continues, with the first lift down over most of the site and a second lift in on about half the drive entrances. Stephenson said three lifts of asphalt are required, but the final lift won’t be done until after heavy equipment is moved off-site. More asphalt is expected to be laid in the next two weeks.

Work continues on curbs and guttering, with the most time-consuming work under way this week. Stephenson said this would be the most visually prominent and artistic part of the work.

Water and sewer utility lines have been completed so plumbing to the buildings can be started and connected, he said. There is water service on the site already to be used for the concrete construction operations. Trenching for the retaining walls is under way and the retaining wall blocks have been delivered, Stephenson said. Work on the retaining walls should begin in the next few weeks.

Electricians and plumbers have started working on the under-floor electrical and plumbing.

The deep footings for the main building, the elevator pit and back wash concrete has been completed, he said. The stem walls from the footings to the bottom of the floor slabs are under way and will continue this month.

The subcontractor for the pools is expected to begin constructing the under-drain system for the pools shortly, Stephenson said.

On Monday, the slabs for the concessions building and the youth baseball rest rooms were constructed. Stephenson said the architect was present for the first floor slab pour.

The softball rest room and maintenance building floor slabs should be constructed this week and next.

Stephenson said a lot of behind-the-scenes work is continuing with the construction manager, Lambert Construction Co., reviewing drawings and information with the architect.