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Special Election
February 9, 2016
City of Ponca City
Shall the one-half percent (1/2%) street sales and use tax revenues termination date (September 30, 2017) of Ordinances No. 6054 and 6149 be extended to collect said exise tax indefinitely, which revenues shall be dedicated to the purposes of engineering, improvement, repair, construction, reconstruction, and lighting of municipal streets, roads, walkways, and bridges, the purchase of right of way therefore and for the doing and construction of all things incidental thereto, all as more specifically set forth in City Ordinance No. 6216?

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The vote for the one-half cent sales tax will be held on Tuesday, February 9th. The City has put together a fact sheet on major improvement projects within the past five years and some of the future projects if the tax is continued.

A one-half cent sales tax dedicated to street improvements was originally approved in 1987
• Sales tax has been renewed five times since the first election (1992, 1997, 2002, 2007, 2012)
• Voters have approved the last five sales tax elections by an average 78.2% margin
• One-half cent sales tax generates approximately two million dollars per year
• An estimated 35% of sales tax revenues come from non-Ponca City residents

Sales tax dollars are used exclusively to fund projects, not salaries or equipment
• Total sales tax revenue to date = $51,217,975
• Total local expenditures to date = $49,620,134
• Street sales tax has leveraged additional State and Federal dollars totaling $10,646,734

Major improvement projects within the past five years;
• Lake Ponca Bridge
• Waverly Street, from Sykes to Prospect
• Prospect Avenue, from Ash to Union
• Highland and Seventh Street intersection
• Ash Street, from Liberty to Overbrook
• Turkey Creek Bridge on L.A. Cann
• Oak Street, from Grand to Otoe
• Union Avenue, from Prospect to Hubbard
• Ash Street, from Emporia to Liberty
• Grand Avenue, from Third to Sixth (sidewalks and street lighting)
• Prospect Avenue, from Fifth to Fourteenth
• Grand Avenue, from Pine to Seventh (new traffic signals and street lighting)
• Fourth and South Avenue (new traffic signals)
• War Memorial Park (new trail system)

Future projects to include;
• Greater emphasis on street maintenance (pavement/curbing/sidewalk) projects
• Continuation of the City's Master Trail system
• ADA accessibility along major streets
IMPORTANT! There will be unofficial, unverified results posted on The Ponca City News and The Ponca City News FaceBook. Election results are posted to these websites as they are received at the Oklahoma State Election Board from county election boards and will not include provisional ballot results until after 5 p.m. Friday, February 12. Results shown here are subject to contest and recount and are neither final nor official until they are certified by the appropriate election board.

Unless a contest of election or a petition for recount has been filed, results will be certified by county election boards not earlier than 5 p.m. Friday, February 12. Results of a race in which a contest of election or a petition for recount has been filed cannot be certified until the contest has been heard or the recount has been completed.